Repeatedly I tend to get asked some of the same questions over the years especially for beginners or people passing the blog/website who are curious about how to even get started on beginning to understand what is Kundalini Awakening. I am in the process of creating an outstanding book on the Kundalini Journey where I will go deeper into some of these questions and why.

The epitome of the Awakened State is that I enjoy learning about experiences and questioning our reality. However you will find as you enter this marvelous world there is so much information and misinformation out there. It is all quite overwhelming especially for the spiritual novice.

I know from personal experience there is a lot out there between channelings, frou frou titles like Galactic Federation of Light, new age propaganda, fear tactics, History, culture, religion, philosophy, “don’t eat this food only eat higher vibrational foods”, chemicals are bad, drugs are against spirituality, absurd labels, Illuminati bullshit, and gosh I could go on for hours. I have seen it all.

So how do you know what is right and what is wrong?

I think that is generally what is the problem with society. We have all this information at our fingertips but we aren’t utilizing it correctly by listening to our intuition. Instead we are constantly overrun by misinformation and fear tactics that dominate the populace rather than embracing our own personal opinions.

We FEED on everything that comes into our reality without questioning it especially as we are more vulnerable when we feel dissociated with reality ie on the cusp of seeing through the illusions of reality.  Many place blame on the reasons we have been “imprisoned” or “controlled” with numerous scenarios subjugating how we wish to see reality. We are safe within conformity instead of looking beyond the edge and questioning the ego, our cognitive dissonance when it arises. The truth is there is no truth because you are the one controlling reality and therefore creating it with the projection of your thoughts.

All these scenarios are merely formulated around insecurities because suddenly you believe the illuminati has been secretly keeping your abilities from you or maybe you’re awaiting the light ships coming. The real manifestation you want to create is stop listening to them! Question, observe, and trust in the divine faith within you. It is best to use your own soul as a teacher no one else is stronger than the workings of your own mind and for this reason it intimidates people. It shows that we only know our ” truth” when truth is ambiguous to the subjective experience.

While I am a part of the awakening crowd not all new age articles resonate with me anymore as they are laced in control and fear. The best way to understand this overload of information is by learning to focus and tune your own personal frequency from within.

So for this article I thought we would do something different and highlight past posts I have created from various experiences, common questions and general concerns. This is also a great way to surface and highlight some of the posts from tumblr that many people still ask me now. As I stated above I want it to be clear not everything will resonate with you and that’s perfectly natural. Some people enjoy the galactic federation channelings and really benefit from that encouragement whereas personally I kinda think it is mostly fluffy long-winded hogwash.

However that being said I believe in a lot of New age concepts people would assume are pure pseudoscience if they never thought to look out of the box. My point being don’t let anyone be your guru, you are your best teacher along with your mind and what resonates strongly within your heart. If we always go with our intuition and our feelings we are directly listening to our own souls rhythms!

This is why synchronicity is so powerful, it’s the resonance within you. Therefore it’s good to have a level of acceptance that not everything will resonate, you have your own opinions and truths which is perfectly natural. You are not cattle, you have your own mind, creations, philosophies, and experiences. My job is I just like getting people to think and help open up your hidden potential because there is great power within you as the universe lives inside of you.

So with anything use your own best judgement, question your cognitive dissonance(the ego), find the balance within and always let your own intuition be the guiding map to your own soul!

Where Do I begin? Common Questions for the Spiritual Novice. you will find as you enter this marvelous world there is so much information and misinformation out there. It is all quite overwhelming especially for the spiritual novice. So How do you know What is right and what is wrong? Click to Read more!










Hope this helps you on your journey!

There is only eternity to discover who you are,
Don’t worry so much 🙂


Featured Image: Perhaps the Dreams are of Soulmates by Cameron Gray



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